Getting Started

Using Your Plans, Knock Down & Rebuild

There are multiple ways to build your dream home.

We’ve been building homes for Kiwi families for almost 40 years, we realise that not any one home is the same, the process needs to be adaptable and fluid for all our clients.

Using your plans

If you already have your own plans drawn up, then we are here to help turn them into reality.

We have worked with plenty of clients who have their own set of house plans, we’re happy to share our knowledge and expertise to bring them to life.

We can create working plans for your new home and present a fixed-price contract for your new home build.

Knock Down & Rebuild

Love the view, but not the home?

Knocking down your current home and rebuilding can seem like a daunting task, so let us help you throughout the process.

We’ve worked with clients who love their section, view and local neighbourhood but find that their home doesn’t suit their style of living anymore.

When you choose to build with Fowler Homes, we will talk through your wish list and design a home that will suit your needs.

From first builds to dream homes, we've got you covered.

To set up an initial meeting with one of our local Fowler Homes teams, please get in touch today. It would be our pleasure to guide you through the exciting process to design and build your new home!

Check out the progress on the Hope Home – our charity build for Gumboot Friday. Auction October 2024!