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The Fowler Homes Guarantee

Every Fowler Homes build comes with a 10-year Master Builders Guarantee.

A Master Build 10-Year Guarantee protects you through the building process, and for the next 10 years. It provides much greater protection than both the Building Act and Consumer Guarantees Act.

It protects you in the event of:

  • Loss of deposit
  • Non-completion of building
  • Material, workmanship and structural defects

To find out more information on the Master Build 10-Year Guarantee refer to their website www.masterbuilder.org.nz

Fowler Homes has a 12-month building defect warranty period, effective from the completion date.  This covers you for defects that may become apparent after completion and the final inspection. 

Individual supplier warranties and guarantees will also be available.

To set up an initial meeting with one of our local Fowler Homes teams, please get in touch today. It would be our pleasure to guide you through the exciting process to design and build your new home!

Check out the progress on the Hope Home – our charity build for Gumboot Friday. Auction October 2024!