Lisa & Issac


The Fowler Homes team in Palmerston North are excellent at what they do and we highly recommend them for anyone looking to plan and build your own home.

From the start my partner Lisa and I were told by other places "no, you can't have that", "here is some information best of luck", and not once where we helped to get some positive information until we met with Megan, Shane and the Fowler Homes team.

Throughout the process I have never thought building your own home could be so easy, yet it was exactly that, easy!

Starting with Tracey and Donna in the office things were always so positive and information was clearly given and helped with all the time. Our multiple questions, from not being home builders

until now, meant the team were always fielding several mundane, simple and quirky questions from

us which never bored them at all. It was hugely helpful and out us at ease throughout this build. Rick who is the project manager was amazing at keeping us informed of upcoming points of interest,

times to meet on site and just giving us all the relevant details we needed to make sure we can follow the build process as closely as we wanted. This was perfect as every step to us was and is important and the final product shows how much care he took to make sure things were right the first time and done to an excellent standard.

They always say excellence starts at the top and in this case it is a true testament to that statement.

Megan and Shane were beyond amazing in their guidance, positivity, recommendations and overall

investment in our first home. Without them we would not have the house of our dreams!

They gave us hope we could have our own home the way we wanted it, and never once said

anything negative or gave us any indication that we couldn't get the house the way we liked it. They guided us through our entire process and made sure we had all the details needed to make the right

decisions....and even helped us not make some really bad decisions too. They were invested in our house like it was their own, which made us feel valued beyond belief and gave us every confidence that things were going to work out perfectly.

This was an amazing experience to go through, and if you ask anyone they usually say building your  own home is stressful, but in this case it was definitely not!!

We are blown away with our new home, our first home ever, and we would like to thank the entire Fowler Homes team for all the hard work they have put in. The end product is amazing, it's really beyond words for us.

Anyone looking to build or plan your own home, we highly, highly recommend Megan, Shane, Rick,

Donna and Tracey to take care of your needs and build the home you want the way you want it.

Thanks so much for making our dream come true!!