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Why Fowler Homes?

Award winning Fowler Homes™ have been designing and building homes for New Zealanders and unique prevailing regional climatic conditions for over  thirty one years. We're proud to have been surveyed as one of the top nationwide builders in the 2014 BRANZ customer satisfaction survey – you can understand why when you read all of the testimonials from past satisfied clients.

We have amassed over 2,728 plans and many great examples can be found in our series of thirteen PLAN BRIEF books, which are available for you to browse through at our offices. Each PLAN BRIEF contains scores of practical plans of varying sizes, tastes and budgets that we have designed and built in the past.

Designs are arranged in groups, according to size, orientation to the sun and access. Our experienced directors and Architectural designers are passionate about building and can make an appointment with you to help you crystallize your ideas, alternatively our designer can work with you to create what you visualize in a home design to suit your style of living. If you already have a building site, we can meet with you there to better understand the lay of your land.

Whether you find a plan to suit, or we draw it for you, our experienced Directors will ask about your aspirations for interior design, specifications and fittings, pricing a package exactly for your needs.

Fowler Homes pride themselves on complete transparency with our customers. On acceptance, Fowler Homes will offer a MB fixed price housing contract and discuss start date and what month your home build project can be completed. From start to finish, our experienced team team will be there to seamlessly guide you.

Through the entire process, a Fowler Homes company Director will be following your homes evolution with you until the day we hand you your keys. Our reputation has always been built on trust - why else would over 88% of Fowler Homes be built for repeat clients or referrals?

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