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Where to Skimp or Splurge

Building a new home is a big investment. It requires many decisions and it can sometimes be hard to determine what is important and what isn’t.

Can I save a bit here to add a bit there?

Fowler Homes managing director Tony Hill says that careful planning is done with clients to guide them with their decisions to tick all the boxes for their dream home.

Sometimes, he says, it’s necessary to make tough decisions to ensure the home is within budget, but there are a few aspects where cutting corners is a no-go.

You wouldn’t skimp on the roof or the cladding of your house, with either the design or the materials,” he says.

As fashion changes there are a lot of choices out there but there are some proven cladding systems that have been around for literally thousands of years. By going with these, you’re future proofing your home against performance issues.”

Tony warns people to be wary of home designers or builders who want to try out a new design or system on their home.

There are some innovative products and ideas out there that haven’t always been successful, and there are potential pit-falls; you don’t want to be the person experimenting with them,” he says.

Well- designed shared spaces like bathrooms and kitchens not only make a home easier to live in, but they also add value to a home in terms of resale.

You don’t want to go and choose the cheapest fittings here, you want a balanced decision, and we can guide you to choose products from a trusted network of reputable suppliers,” Tony says.

“Once completed, it’s really hard to change fittings and designs in these spaces so you need to put a lot of forethought into them at the planning stages of the home.”

That said, careful planning is recommended for the entire home, as once the building process has started it can become expensive to alter plans and causes delays, Tony says.

If you’re on a tight budget or timeframe it’s not advisable to change the design once it has been lodged for building consent and started,
You need to focus on the design and all the elements; get it right and really crystallize your thoughts and be guided by experienced people with knowledge of local conditions like our regional owners.

In terms of skimping, there is one area of the home which can be placed at the bottom of the list for a bit longer than the rest, Tony says.

Unfortunately, things like wet area floor coverings etc all have to be done before you move in to get code of compliance but the landscaping can wait,” he says.

“Landscaping, decks and fencing, they can all be done later, progressively once you move in, allowing you to pick the right season and mull over ideas.”

If you would like help designing and building your dream home within budget, contact your nearest Fowler Homes regional director today.