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Turnkey Properties 101

The path to building or buying your first home encounters a lot of ‘firsts’, there can be an overwhelming amount of new information to consume. Not to mention the stress involved from organising consents, sourcing materials and finding the right people for the job.

Here at Fowler Homes we take pride in building to suit your lifestyle and offer a number of different building options, including building from our range of plans, custom design and build, knocking down and rebuilding, building using your own plans, house and land, and turnkey options.

If you are looking to buy a new home, you might have seen the term ‘turnkey’ within your research.

So what is a turnkey build?

A turnkey home at its most basic level is one that is newly built and ready for you to move into right away. You literally get the keys and move in!

The developer, or in our case – group home builder, has made all the decisions to custom design a home with your lifestyle in mind. Making it a good option for first home buyers or someone who needs a little help with making all those “decisions”!

In some cases, like with Fowler Homes, we involve you with some of the fun design decisions like paint colour, kitchen finishing and carpet choices, giving you opportunity to add your own flare to your new home.

What are the benefits of Turnkey homes?

Turnkey makes building your new home easy and more affordable.

You pay a deposit at the outset (usually 10% of the completed project), and you make no further payments until we give you the keys to move in. You benefit from not carrying the costs or repayments on a second house during construction.

The build is managed by our inhouse group of professionals, who are dedicated to the job.

We keep you informed and give you access to Builder Trend (coming soon –  our blog on Builder Trend here) so you know exactly what is happening and when.

We offer financial advice and assistance from our friends at Squirrel – Home loans for humans.

AND because you have chosen to build with Fowler Homes you will have peace of mind with our 10-year Master Builders guarantee.

Thinking of buying? Right now, Fowler Homes has turnkey new home build options in Milldale (Auckland), Warkworth (Auckland), Rolleston, Christchurch, Wooing Tree Estate (Cromwell), Hanleys Farm (Queenstown) and Kingswell (Invercargill).  Check them out here.

Check out the progress on the Hope Home – our charity build for Gumboot Friday. Auction October 2024!