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The Hope Home – A beacon of support for mental health

Fowler Homes, a renowned residential group home building company across New Zealand, is building a house in Queenstown with 100% of the profits going to youth mental health charity I Am Hope.

While constructing a house is no small feat, especially in current economic conditions, the aptly named The Hope Home scheduled for completion in October 2024, is a passion project for Fowler Homes managing director Jason McGirr, a former policeman and his wife and business partner, Jen.

 With years on the frontlines, McGirr says his motivation is drawn from the countless challenges he witnessed during his time as a police officer, and the continuing rising tide of suicides, domestic violence, and violence against children.

 “These experiences have left a deep impact on me, and it compelled me to take action in the best way I know how,” says McGirr.

 McGirr’s inspiration came from a heartfelt plea made by Mike King on the Rock radio station last year, leading up to Gumboot Friday. McGirr says Mike’s tearful passionate plea ignited the spark to roll up his sleeves and do something about a nationwide problem that “affects us all.”

 “When I saw the video of Mike, looking exhausted and burned out, pleading for our children, I knew I had to do something.  I know what that feels like. I’ve seen the damage out in the community and understand that no part of society is exempt from that darkness and the flow on effects for those around.

 “I think all of us that have the capacity to do something significant to make a positive impact should. If enough of us step up, the ripples will eventually lead to the change we so desperately need,” he says.

 The housing project is anticipated to sell for over $1.75 million, with base costs expected within $1.15 million to $1.2 million. It will include a three-bedroom main house and a two-bedroom attached unit, designed to accommodate two families. The house will come fully furnished, with the Fowler team working with their suppliers on some special additions to be included.  

 The unique design provides a dual income opportunity, offering investors a chance to make a good return on investment. McGirr’s vision is to attract investors willing to pay more than the property’s initial value for the cause, and make significant gains in the years to come.

 “The Hope Home is more than just a house; it’s a symbol of hope and community support. We are leveraging our business position for the greater good,” says McGirr.

 The Hope Home project is backed by the close-knit team at Fowler Homes and is supported by more than 30 suppliers who have generously donated many of the construction materials in an incredible show of solidarity, showcasing the power of community and businesses coming together to support a worthy cause.

 According to the team, the goal is not only to build a house but to provide a beacon of support for mental health awareness in New Zealand.

 “We are profoundly grateful for the team at Fowler Homes and their suppliers’ incredible support, especially in these challenging economic times. Their donation of a house is a remarkable and desperately needed gesture as young people’s mental health remains an urgent concern, and initiatives like The Hope Home play a vital role in raising awareness and providing crucial help to young people in need,” says I Am Hope founder Mike King.

The Hope Home is to be auctioned in October 2024 with profits to be announced on Gumboot Friday.  

Fowler Homes Hope Home Mike King and Jason McGirr