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Team Up To Co-own

We’re here to help you find an innovative financial solution to finance your new home. Fowler Homes has selected turnkey house and land packages available to purchase for as little as 5% deposit with co-ownership with YouOwn.

About YouOwn

We call it co-ownership. It’s an easy and exciting option for home buyers where YouOwn partner with you to purchase a new home. It gets you a foot on the property ladder and the security of your own roof over your head.

What's the deal?

The co-ownership agreement substantially reduces the size of a deposit you need to save when applying for a home loan. Your goal is to buy YouOwn out in five years – if and when you’re ready – so that you eventually own the property outright.

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How does it work?

It’s simple. You buy a portion of the property you can afford now, and YouOwn help with the rest. You pay YouOwn a charge per annum on the YouOwn share and after five years, you can buy the share when you are able to. With YouOwn’s help, you can step into your own home today.

5 steps to home ownership

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Your next steps

Ready to own your own home? Have a read through the Fowler Homes Getting Started information and Turnkey House and Land Packages. If co-ownership sounds like it will suit your next move, get in touch with the YouOwn team today