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Laundry Top 5 Design Tips

Take inspiration from our Top 5 design tips for your new laundry room. 

1. Location

The best place for your laundry is somewhere with access to the outdoors and proximity to the clothesline. Keeping the laundry away from the bedrooms and living spaces will mean the noise won’t interfere with anyone’s sleep schedule which is why you’ll often find the laundry beside the garage or off the kitchen.

If you do have access to the outdoors and own pets, think about adding a dog or cat door to your external door.


2. Allow enough space

The laundry design layout should allow enough space for your appliances, make sure you know how much room you need for clearance at the back of the tub and machines.

A standard kitchen bench is 600mm deep, but in a laundry, you’ll usually need a depth of 650-700mm to allow for the washing machine hose.

Consider if you want to stack your appliances or sit them side-by-side. Some clients even raise the machines up off the ground, so you don’t need to bend over to get clothes in and out! This could mean you’ll want to raise your benchtop. 


3. Customise your layout

The area available will largely dictate what layout is going to work best, the most common approach is to have a built-in sink with a long benchtop, the washing machine and dryer beside each other and a tall storage cupboard at the end for mops, brooms, and your Dyson. 

Allowing a good amount of bench space will have your washing folded and sorted as quickly as possible!

Recently we have built several homes with a walk-through laundry that has ranch sliders on each side. 


4. Finishes

Choose materials that are hard wearing, waterproof and easy to clean. We recommended tiles on the floor and a splashback – and you can’t beat a stainless-steel sink.

A pull-out laundry mixer with standard and spray mode will have rugby boots and dog cleaned in no time. 

5. Style

The Fowler Homes ethos is all about ‘your style of living’ so its no wonder we recommended
that you build the laundry of your dreams, and if you don’t dream about laundry cause let’s face it – not everyone likes this job – choose your favourite finishes, inject some colour, or create a crisp and clean space that gets the job done!  

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