Jonathon & Angela Hawthorne


We dealt with Nicky at Fowler Homes over a number of years before we signed the contract to build the house. Throughout this Nicky has been amazing with a lot of patience and advice provided. Once we got into the position of being able to begin the build we had the option of looking at other builders but we used Fowler Homes for two reasons, firstly because of the outstanding service we had received and secondly because we had the opportunity to talk to others who had built with Fowlers and they were very complimentary towards Fowler Homes.

Our build went very smoothly with outstanding work from all the people involved. Nicky kept the communication levels up so that we knew what stages we were at. Some of the highlights include how easy it was to get the colour scheme right with the consultant provided by Fowler Homes and also the overall finish of the house.

We are very happy with our decision to build with Fowler Homes and would recommend anyone considering a new build in Dunedin to talk to Nicky at Fowler Homes.