James & Stephanie Bell-Booth


After 12 months of living in our new home, built by Shane, Megan and their team at Fowlers we are in a great position to write a reference to what has become my family's slice paradise in Palmerston North.

After purchasing possibly the most difficult section in Palmerston to build on, I had a vision for a stylish, simple but practical home which leveraged the strengths of the section including sun, native bush views and wind protection. Suffice to say, everything was going wrong until I met Shane. I had spent money on architects who designed a house I could not afford to build, I had met builders who laughed at me when I showed them the site...I had all but given up. I just wanted to find someone who was positive, shared my vision for the site and was focused on problem solving not 'problem creating'. Shane and Megan were those people.

Over the course of the design and build process Shane, Megan and their team of contractors worked with us, within our budget, but never losing sight of our dream. The bought ideas, enthusiasm, skill and positivity to our build project and made sure we got a house we absolutely love. I travel a lot with business and Shane and Megan were able to work well while I was away, ensuring the project kept moving and on track.

My wife and I enjoyed the process and friendship we developed with Shane and Megan so much, we are looking forward and hoping for the day we build again. We would use Shane and Megan for another build and recommend that anyone looking to build a home, give Shane and Megan a visit and allow them to create a great experience for you.