Amit & Salima Ohdedar

Auckland South

Prior to looking for a builder we had an architect produce drawings for us but when we approached several builders that had been recommended to us, they either couldn't fit it in their schedule or else we didn't feel we had a good rapport with them.

We needed to know we could trust the builder absolutely. After contacting Bret Robinson at Fowler Homes Manukau we were delighted to have found a company with a long reputation for quality building.

Right from the start I have been impressed with the way things have gone, Bret followed up my enquiry immediately and came back with a price in about three weeks. He explained this in great detail to us so that we felt entirely comfortable that we knew what to expect, and why things cost what they would.

Building your home is not only about the money, although of course that is an important part of it. It's also about being sure you are getting quality workmanship, and a whole lot of other things. Right from the start Bret was careful and forthright, and I knew he was a person I could trust.

I deal with contracts through my work but when it comes to my own life, there's an emotional side to things as well. I have absolute trust in the relationship between Fowler Homes, Bret as it's representative and us