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Five Reasons to Build New

If a new house is on the cards for you in 2020, take a read of our Top Five Reasons to Build New below:

1- High quality, low maintenance living:
With a brand new home, being a slave to household maintenance becomes a thing of the past. As well as offering the opportunity to invest in the latest in home design and technology, new homes offer the best home comforts and save you from spending hours upon hours on maintenance, freeing up your weekends for family and recreation.

2- Invest in your future:
Building a new home often provides better capital gains than when you purchase an existing home. This means you get to enjoy a brand new home for many years with the peace of mind that you won’t lose money when it comes to resale. In fact, you’re more likely to make money on your investment! It’s a win-win.

3- Healthier and Comfortable:
New Zealand building standards have seen a lot of improvement throughout the years, resulting in well-insulated, weathertight homes that are warmer, dryer, and require less energy for heating. Along with resulting in long-term savings in power bills, this also creates a comfortable, healthier home for the entire family.

4- Stronger and safer:
Along with stricter requirements when it comes to weather tightness and insulation; building standards have also seen great improvements when it comes to ensuring Kiwi homes are up to withstanding major events like earthquakes. By building new, you’re investing in a home which is safe for you and your family and will stand the test of time.

5- Latest and greatest features:
Home appliance technology have come leaps and bounds in just a few short decades, bringing the ultimate in smart living. As well as offering the latest in tech features, new home appliances, hardware and building materials are long-lasting, hardwearing and available in a range of colours and materials; ensuring they fit seamlessly with your home design.

If you’re considering a new build but aren’t quite sure where to start, contact your nearest Fowler Homes regional director to arrange a chat.