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Find the right white paint with Dulux

When you’re deciding on what colour to paint a space it’s likely that you’ll be looking for a white or soft neutral – for good reasons too; they’re easy to live with, timeless and go with almost anything.

Choosing the right white paint for your home can make all the difference, but where do you begin?  When deciding on a white, a good place to start is to think about what your preference is. Are you attracted to cool brighter white spaces, spaces that are warm and cosy, or something in between?

The next step is look at the existing colours in your home, or items that you’ve already selected such as flooring, benchtops, or tiles. Make sure you choose a white that works with items such as these that are that are more expensive to change or have less colour options than paint.  For example, if you have a grey kitchen bench and cabinetry, you might want to consider a cooler white.  Or if you have golden wooden floors then a warm or a neutral white might be a better option.  The key is to make sure everything works together in a harmonious way.

Another consideration is the lighting and aspect of your space. Is the room north or south facing? Cool whites tend to work better in sunnier rooms where there is plenty of natural light. While warm and neutral whites can help brighten south facing rooms that get less sun. 

Here’s some more information on cool, warm, and neutral whites:

Cool white

Cool whites are great for adding a modern or minimalist edge to a space. They often carry blue or grey undertones and are useful in tempering bright light and making a space appear larger. Dulux Ōkārito is our most popular cool white and in fact it’s the top colour in the Dulux® Colours of New Zealand® range. Dulux Ōkārito works well with a large range of cool hues such as blues, sage greens, and greys. It’s also the perfect backdrop for artworks and vibrant pops of colour.

dulux okarito living room
Neutral white

A neutral white provides a subtle warmth, great light reflection and allows easy scheming with many other colours.  Dulux Cardrona is a versatile neutral white that is loved by both home renovators and interior designers. Use it to brighten a space or when you want a neutral backdrop with a soft and subtle feeling of warmth. It’s also a popular option to use on windows and trims. 

dulux cardrona living room
Warm white

Warm whites often carry subtle peach, pink, or yellow undertones. Warm whites have the effect of making a room feel smaller and cosier, which makes them the perfect candidate for rooms that don’t get a lot of sun. Warm and inviting, Dulux Sandfly Point is one of our most popular warm whites. Its creamy warmth creates a cosy atmosphere and allows artworks and colour details to sing. Sandfly Point pairs well with most colours that have a warm undertone and is ideal for main walls throughout the home. It also works well as an exterior colour or on windows and trims.

dulux sandfly point living room

If you’re still not sure of which white paint to choose, trying to upload a photo of your room into our visualiser on dulux.co.nz (simply go to the colour you like and choose the ‘view colour in home gallery’ button). You can then get a good idea of how the colour might look in your room).  Alternatively order free large Dulux colour swatches online.

Your local Fowler Homes team will be able to provide help and inspiration with making your final selections on your new dream home. #yourstyleofliving

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