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Charred Cladding Exterior

Charred cladding as an exterior cladding option is a material gaining more interest as we start to see this ancient Japanese craft on New Zealand Homes. 

When you design and build a new home with Fowler Homes, we work with you on all aspects of you new build, exterior cladding choices is a major design aesthetic that we can provide advice and access to quality suppliers on. 

Recently we have began fixing a charred cladding from Sugi to a home in the Waikato. The timber itself comes from the Japanese Cypress Forests and is sustainably grown and then select harvested.  The Japanese mill takes the log and produces the rough sawn feed stock.  Once landed in Tauranga, Sugi machine and produce the finished product.  

Case Study - Fowler Homes Waikato

Makkuro is the finish we have used on this property. The Japanese cedar is heat treated
and charred then lightly brushed before being factory coated using natural oils to protect and prolong the natural colour of the timber.  Essentially the material undergoes three process – charred + brushed + oiled.

The light brush leaves behind a smooth, lightly burned appearance that gains character
with age.

If you want to prolong the original colour of the timber, oil-coating every 5-10 years is
Sugi’s range of finishes are coated in plant-based stain from the Natural Paint Co.  

Not only will use see this timber on the exterior of the home, some interior designers and home owners are utilising this material as a feature wall internally. The rawness and natural beauty of the wood speaks to the Wabi Sabi design ethos. 

Chartek is the charring facility based in Christchurch, they have successfully designed
and built one of New Zealand’s best charring facilities. T
hey are the only charring operation in New Zealand that follow the authentic methods used for centuries in Japan.  

Benefits of using a charred cladding -
  • Durability 
  • Strength
  • Natural pest resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Aesthetic appeal 

If you are considering applying a charred cladding to your home, talk to our team about what’s involved, we’d love to help bring your ideas and wish list to life. 

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