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Building your new home – FAQs

Got questions, we’ve got answers. From the first conversation to handing over the keys to your new home, our nationwide team of locals is here to offer advice and give you the best experience possible when building your new home. 

We’ve answered 7 of your top home building questions.

1. What’s the square meter cost to build a house?

The answer to this question is entirely dependent on many variables! You might hear figures quoted by friends, family or other home builders, ultimately the costs come down to several factors including:

  • the materials that you choose to build your home with
  • your chosen fittings and finishes
  • your section elevation – flat, sloping, solid ground
  • the size of your home, one or multi-level
  • your location within New Zealand, particularly remote sites

Your local Fowler Homes team can assist you to make your design selections with your specific budget in mind.

2. Do you have any land for sale?

Yes. We have a range of different House and Land and Turnkey properties from the far north to the deep south. We continuously release new packages across many subdivisions in New Zealand. Check them out here.

3. How long will it take to build my home?

Generally, it takes between 10 to 12 months to build a new home. This includes the initial planning and consent process. The build itself usually takes around 6 to 8 months from the beginning of the earthworks to handing over the keys.

It’s important to remember there are aspects from the builder and client’s side that can slow the process down, like material shortages, shipping delays, weather events and the characteristics of each home. The bigger the home, the longer it takes for the slab to be poured, framing and construction. Complexity can also influence time frames. All of our build projects are carefully managed to minimise delays as much as reasonably possible.

Frames up
Fowler Homes Cambridge Show Home

4. What is a fixed priced contract?

A fixed price contract is made up of all details and specifications included in the build, if all selections right down to the last details are selected the price can be fixed.

There are provisions in the contract for items that can’t be fully quantified at the start of the job. An example could be earthworks where the extent is out of control of both parties. Segway to our next question …

5. What is a provisional sum?

A provisional sum is an amount of money that is recorded in your building contract for which we do not yet have an accurate final cost. Provisional sums are reasonable estimates based upon experience with similar projects.

Provisional sums are typically used for earthworks, because below ground site conditions may be unknown until we break ground. Landscaping may be a provisional sum to allow for landscape design and changes during your project.

Any other provisional sums may be due to design selections not yet confirmed by you when your contract is signed. Ideally your contract will include as few provisional sums as possible to provide you with financial certainty.

Once the work relating to each provisional sum is agreed or completed, you will receive either an invoice for an additional amount or a credit back. At Fowler Homes we try to manage this with as much transparency as possible.

6. What are cost effective building materials?

Your local Fowler Homes team will be able to discuss the most cost-effective building materials and structural design, specific to your build location and lifestyle. This may also include factors such as any required ongoing maintenance of different cladding choices, and how your local climate conditions may impact longevity and frequency of maintenance, as well as initial upfront costs.

Generally speaking, there are budget conscious options across many aspects of the build process, whether that be cladding (brick, plaster, steel, timber) or interior finishes (carpet, kitchen choices, bathroom finishes).

Alternatively, we can also provide guidance on many mid to higher end selections and finishes, we tailor each build to your specific needs and desires.

Brick and linear cladding

7. What type of homes do you build?

As many of our homes are custom built based on our clients preferences we do not specialise in one type or style of home. We have a large range of projects, from small and cleverly designed homes through to larger more complex projects. Please browse details of some of our previous build projects from around the country here.

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