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‘In’ Building Trends for 2024

Home design trends change all the time, take a look at our ‘in’ building trends for 2024, the Chinese Year of the Dragon. 

1. Flexible Spaces

Fowler Homes are seeing more homes being designed with muti-functional furniture and elements designed to entertain, work, socialise and play.  

We are designing more and more workstations in living areas and media rooms or versatile spaces that can be closed off through the use of sliding doors.

Clients are looking to add extra living spaces and kitchenettes to accommodate parents continuing to live with the family, older children living at home longer and those looking for additional income. 

2. Smart Technology

A lot of us live in busy, tech-driven lives, installing a smart device or a system which ‘talks’ to other connected devices or appliances in your home are essential to modern living. 

Trigger a particular event or action, such as turning on the heating system from your phone or check your security system for disturbances. 

Smart homes not only enhance convenience but also contribute to energy efficiency, creating a more sustainable future.

3. Natural Elements

The inclusion of natural elements or tones in our fittings and finishes reflects our connection to nature. Natural interior design seeks to bring the outdoors in by incorporating natural and nature-inspired materials into the home, creating a look that is fresh, pure, authentic, and comfortable. 

We love seeing a touch of nature in our tile selects, flooring and exterior cladding. 

4. Landscape Design Plan

Not bricks & mortar stuff but …. 

A landscape place will elevate the design of your home, maximise use of your yard space, connect with nature, define your entertainment areas as well as taking care of the practical design like irrigation, soil climate, plant selection and limiting garden maintenance.  

Seeking out professional landscape experts will give your property a refreshing look that goes beyond visual scenery. 

An idea to extend your outdoor living space is the inclusion of pergola or Louvre roof system.

5. Personal Style

Your style of living.

Individual preferences will always come into play when building your new home. 

Fowler Homes knows what works, we’re in touch with local trends. We have close relationships with suppliers which means we can offer clients a wide selection of products. 

Crush your wish list and create the home of your dreams! 

6. Design & Build

Nail the design. 

Fowler Homes has been in the building industry for 40-Years, here are some more ‘hot recs’ for those undertaking a bespoke design and build this year. 

Kitchens continue to be the heart of the home with more space given to this area by way of a walk-in pantry, scullery, or wine fridge. 

Open plan family living and dining spaces that connect to the outdoor living area and garden space are well-liked.  

Master ensuites and a large master wardrobe are must-haves. 

Fowler Homes is a leading new home building company in New Zealand, contact your local team and utilise our expert knowledge and design services to build your dream home.  

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