Leigh and Kathleen Christensen


We had been searching for an old house and a few acres for three years, however were unable
to find anything suitable that was in our price range.
After some research, we worked out it would be a financially better option to buy land and
build. Around the same time our son went into a wheelchair, so we now needed a house to fit
his special needs.

I approached six local companies, only two of them were prepared to work with us to design a
house from scratch – which is what we needed to build a house to suit the aspect, the property
shape and of course, someone in a wheelchair – a design off the shelf would just not work.
After an initial discussion with both of these companies and completing our due diligence by
asking everyone we could think of (including random tradies on building sites) who was the
better building company of the two, Fowler Homes (Manawatu) was the answer that came
back in every situation, as well as good examples as to why.
After an in-depth discussion with Shane and Megan (of Fowler Homes Manawatu) they were
very happy to go off a design we had thought would work, as well as make suggestions using
their vast experience to make the design even better to suit our family’s needs.
So, we decided to go with Fowlers and never looked back. I told them from the start that I
needed them to manage everything from start to finish (as we were busy with family and our
own jobs) and that they did very well, ensuring they checked with us first on all the important
The house was started after the hold up with Covid lockdowns and restrictions. Being an ex-
engineer and extremely pedantic, I made sure I looked over every join, saw cut, level,
measurement etc as the house was being constructed and could not fault the quality of the
work or the products used – Fowler’s tradesmen were certainly a mark far above the rest; they
obviously take great pride in their work, and that shows in the final product.
At different points along the building process, we had appointments with their suppliers i.e.
window, kitchen, bathroom, electrical, paint, and flooring specialists to decide on what design,
size, colour, shape etc would work best for us. We found them all to be extremely professional
and provide good advice for our family and the location, aspect and design of the house, which
made the process easy and stress free.
There were a couple of oversights along the way, however Fowlers were very quick to rectify
the matter to our satisfaction without any fuss, which we were very grateful for (it’s the putting
right that counts).
We have now been in the house five months and have not only ended up with a beautiful
home that is extremely well built, but also a home that has made life far easy for us as well as
our son as he can now do many things that just weren’t achievable in our previous house.

We highly recommend Fowler Homes (Manawatu) and if we were to build again, the team at
Fowler Holmes would be the first port of call.
Leigh and Kathleen Christensen