Jarrod Calkin


When we decided that we wanted to build, it was a very overwhelming time, due to the shear number of options there are out there. After meeting with a couple of companies, both franchise and one man bands, it was clear that there was only one company that we wanted to build with and that was Fowler Homes.

Right from our first meeting, Shane and his team were on board with our plan and ideas. While some building companies tried to tell us the plan was ‘too hard’ or ‘unrealistic’ Fowlers were the complete opposite and helped us find ways to make these ideas work.

Once the build got underway, what really impressed me was their responsiveness to any situation. Our build was far from perfect and very early on there was an issue that was unforeseen and something no-one could control. Shane was quick to get on the phone and showed great compassion to the new scenario while we worked with him and the team to find a solution. His urgency to keep us well advised was crucial so we, as the customer, could plan and make any amendments required further down the track with the build.

Another example of this was through COVID. As a result of the lockdown, our timeline was pushed back and the team were fantastic at revising the schedule and ensuring that our timeframes and expectations were being met, while not compromising the quality of the build.

Fowler Homes Palmerston North have a great team from Shane and Megan, Tracey, Andy and even Regan. This is our first build and we had many changes and amendments we made along the way. And every time we made an enquiry about a change, they were quick to get on board and get the change made without hesitation or push back. This made us feel so comfortable during the build and really helped set our mind at ease knowing that if, as we got closer to the end, didn’t feel right to us, we were able to make a change to it. And as a result, I think is the reason we are so delighted with our final product.

I couldn’t recommend Fowlers highly enough. Not just because we have got the dream house at the back end, but because they make it so easy along the way. Mistakes happen, and they fix them. Roadblocks get put in the way, and they find a way around them. I believe anyone can look good when things go to plan, but its when things don’t go to plan, is when you will be grateful for having chosen Fowlers Palmy to build your home.