Gordon and Colleen Ryan


In September of 2011 we were red-zoned due to the September 2010 earthquake. We had only been in our home for 3 years and certainly did not plan to move or build a new home. The earthquake changed all of this and we found ourselves looking for a home in a market that had already been flooded with the first group of people red-zoned in Christchurch. Every home we looked at was either sold or had a couple of back up offers, hence we made the decision to purchase a section and build a new home.

This can be a very stressful and expensive exercise but we were guided through it by Ivan Stanicich of Fowler Homes who assisted us to find a section, purchase it and then develop plans for our new home. Getting a permit was a major exercise as the Waimakiriri Council was on overload with all of the red-zoned people trying to build and there was the added complication of all of the new covenants being applied to foundations since the earthquake. Ivan stayed on the case, kept calling the Council and virtually hand fed our application through the process.

We were impressed by his professionalism, the quality of all of the fittings Fowler Homes has as standard inclusions in their homes, his dedication to keeping his contractors on time and delivering a top class finish. Ivan has an eagle eye when it comes to the finished product and
insists his contractors adhere to high standards. We had no nasty surprises with extra costs, Ivan kept us informed along the journey of anything that was above the contract and we were able to decide exactly how much extra we would be faced with if we changed the signed contract.

We built at Pegasus and are absolutely thrilled with the home we now have. Most weekends we have folks stopping to take a photograph of the home and I can just hear them saying to their builder, “We want one just like that!” Our new home really stands out amongst the new homes currently being built at Pegasus.

What could have been a frustrating and arduous exercise was made pretty painless and the finished product is just reward.